Underground Services

Here at GM, we take pride in our major investments  in location equipment, trenching and excavating machinery and hardware, that allow us to not only dig underground cabling pathways, but also have the necessary equipment to dig, install pathways (conduit), and back fill our own work without the requirement of a needing to subcontract a separate machine operator.

Our combined use of over 50 years of underground installation knowledge, coupled with the use of the most modern digging Equipment, allows us to get in and out of the site with nothing but ready to use installations for our clients to be left behind. We know when and where to dig, how to dig safely and potentially save you thousands of dollars in case of accidental underground services damage.

We can help you with the following Underground cabling services:

  • Design of cable pathways and standards compliant with underground reticulation.
  • Detection and location of cabling and services.
  • Conduit and pit installation for telephone, NBN, electrical and optical fibre
  • Directional Drilling
  • Ground Trenching
  • Line or Chain Trenching

For any enquiries about our underground services don’t hesitate to contact us on 0246476653