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Steps Involved in Installation Of A Fiber Optic Network?

Once you’ve completed a design that takes into account all of the factors mentioned in the article Steps Involved in Designing A Fiber Optic Network? (put the link here for link building), you’re halfway through the fiber optic network installation procedure. Before we go any further, think about the size and area (or distance) you’ll need to cover to complete the network. It could be spanning entire cities or just a few kilometers. The steps for installation are as follows:


  1. Working closely with multiple suppliers and manufacturers of these devices, as well as technical professionals, is required when completing the devices and communication equipment.
  2. Your documentation should be perfect and act as reference material during the design and implementation phase. After you’ve worked through all of the possible factors, you should construct a project checklist.
  3. Prepare a test and inspection strategy ahead of time and make sure it’s followed before the network goes live.
  4. Develop testing and restoration paperwork and instructions, and guarantee that the actual installation process is safe for everyone.
  5. It’s also crucial to train employees on how to use the network. It’s also critical to monitor and apply effective project management on a regular basis.
  6. Communication with the relevant teams is critical, and it is critical to keep everyone in the loop.
  7. After you’ve double-checked all of the above points and completed the cabling, you can begin the real installation procedure.
  8. Tracing your network terminal is the first step in installing a fiber-optic network.
  9. Connect this terminal to the network box or the fiber jack.
  10. Connect the power cord to the fiber jack and the other end to a power plug now that the gateway connection has been established.
  11. The LED lights on the router will indicate the same once it is turned on. The lights may take a few seconds to steady and achieve a solid color.
  12. Your network should now be up and running. To test the network, connect your device, such as a laptop, to it.


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