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Data Cabling Sydney – Different Cable Standards

Network connections make many business’ IT solutions possible, with any wired access to the internet or internal servers requiring data cables. Data cabling Sydney follows a range of standards for speed, distance and interference reduction, these are laid out by national and international bodies. For the speed and capacity required by many businesses, Wi-Fi connections simply aren’t sufficient. To mitigate this, wired network cabling solutions are needed. In general, the cables used for internet connection and data cabling Sydney are known as Ethernet cables. These come in a range of categories.

  • Cat5e – and advancement of the previous cat5 cables, these are the earlier standard still recognized today. They have completely replaced cat5 and are the most commonly used in data cabling Sydney at the moment. They support speeds of up to 1Gbps.
  • Cat6 – a major improvement on its predecessor, these cables can be shielded to prevent interference and can support maximum speeds of 10Gbps for 50 metres, or the 1Gbps of the previous standard for 100 metres.
  • Cat6a – a revised version of the previous standard which allows longer transmission at its highest speeds and implements much better shielding and crosstalk elimination.
  • Cat7 – a very new standard where each fibre is individually shielded to ensure maximum integrity of data. These can only transmit at shorter distances but can do so at up to 10Gbps.

GM Cabling is a long time trusted provider of data cabling Sydney. Their innovative and high-quality cabling solutions allow your business to connect and interact at the best speeds and reliability possible. Contact us today for information on a new office data solution.

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