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New South Wales Standards for Underground electrical cable installation

The Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales (the Rules) is the recognized industry code outlining the requirements of electrical distributors when linking a customer to the distribution systems of New South Wales.

There are certain consumer main installation conditions, which are as follows:

  1. Applicants who want to get underground electrical cable wiring installation have to take the responsibility of on-location underground pipes and cables from communications, gas, water and electricity providers.
  2. Cable using for installation should be laid in accordance with the current ETSA utility services and installation rules, ETSA utilities notice to electrical workers, and standards Australia AS/NZS3000 – wiring rules.
  3. The underground electrical cables shall be laid across the footway at 90 degrees to the property line.
  4. Galvanized steel tubing is required to be installed for mechanical protection of underground
  5. Consumer mains cables at the horizontally installed depth across Council land.
  6. The Council will accept no responsibility for any damage to the electrical service from any cause whatsoever.
  7. A proper cable installation alignment wiring framework has to be set up.

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