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How to wire an electrical Distribution Board?

Distribution Board is an electricity supply system or a common inclusion that distributes the electrical power feed into subcircuits. There are different distributor boards:

A main electrical distribution board (MEDB)

Sub electrical distribution board (SEDB)

A final electrical distribution board (FEDB)

The Phase and Neutral supply lines are fed to the Distribution board through the service drop running from the utility pole. It is then connected to the energy meter through a fuse.

In the second phase, the neutral line from the energy meter is directly connected to the main isolator. The isolator is used to open and close the lines manually, which is the main switch of the electrical system for network cabling solutions.

Once the isolator is connected to the residential current board, then the residential current board device used to protect from current leakage from the circuit.

For electrical distribution board, wiring below accessories is required, like fuses, isolators, circuit breakers, single-pole MCB, miniature circuit breaker, and circuit breaker.

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Information Source: NSW Electrical Board Guidelines


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