Network Design & Installation

At the core of any reliable Data network is a solid design on which a network can be expanded. Far too often our company is faced with trying to add onto an existing network that wasn’t built right to start with, or the customer didn’t think it would ever have so many devices connected to it, hence an undersized patch rack that looks like a spaghetti factory (check out our cabling disasters section on the gallery page for some examples)

Technological Innovation is key to the success of a fast, reliable and user friendly network. Through attending training seminars around the globe, online webinars and local trades shows,  GM has the knowledge base to understand the progression of technologies, and implement the right choice when and as the project requires it.

Therefore considerable time and effort is spent on training and certifying Design and Installation staff so that GM Cabling Solutions not only installs the cabling to the correct standards, but goes the extra mile to provide an end to end solution, tailored to the projects specific requirements.

We use high quality brands and work to strict quality and safety standards.

We can assist you with:

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